Printing to the highest industry standards on the highest-quality paper

Professional archival photographic papers 4 types

1. Giclée Fuji Matte  

Fuji Crystal archive paper with a semi-matte finish. The paper is coated with a slightly stippled texture giving a very natural photographic finish with subtle color. Great versatile paper, very natural and works well with all photographic images. Maintains colors in a very natural way, giving a detailed, 3-dimensional beautiful photographic reproduction.

2. Giclée Fuji Glossy

Professional color paper from the Fuji Crystal archive range with a gloss finish, which accentuates the color to give a punchy, rich feel. Gives your image more contrast, glossiness and a punchier color feel when compared to Fuji Matte, although it maintains tonal properties and accurate reproduction.

3. Giclée Fuji Flex

Fuji Flex, a.k.a. super-gloss, has a plastic feel to the paper with a warm base color and an ultra-high gloss finish, giving luxurious rich colors. Very high - deep blacks & high visual contrast.

4. Gicléee Kodak Metallic 

Kodak Metallic has a rich metallic base. The colors have a reflective, metallic and 3-dimensional feel. High mid-tones & highlights add luminosity & iridescence.