Here at Classics Magazine, we believe a frame cut exactly to your preferences deserves a custom-made box, too. No two boxes are totally identical — because no two orders are totally identical. Here, we are giving you a breakdown of our custom packaging that not only will guarantee the safest shipping to your doorstep, but also help to reduce waste for our environment as well!

Custom Packaging For Your Custom Frames

At Classics Magazine, we pride ourselves on striving to be the most environmentally friendly picture framing gallery in the world. We use corrugated cardboard packaging that is precisely cut to each and every order, meaning that you won’t receive a huge box for one small 5”x7” frame. This reduces waste and means we don’t have to ship using bubble wrap (or even paper wrapping) to keep your frames safe.

So, what exactly is the anatomy of your frame’s packaging? Well, let us give the full tour!

Straps and Wing Trays

Most people ask us how we keep our frames secure when they’re being shipped. Bubble wrap? Extra cardboard? Well, it’s a bit of a multi-step process, but it all starts with the straps and wing trays. The latter is cut exactly to the frame’s size (we mentioned our packaging was custom, right?).

Why are they called wing trays? Simple. Before we wrap them around your frame, they look like little pieces of cardboard with foldable, well, wings along their edges. Once they’re folded around the frame, it creates a snug space for your frame to occupy.

If your order has multiple frames, each wing tray will have a pocket geared for that particular frame, but they’ll all be the same size overall — meaning each wing tray will fit snugly in the package. For instance, if you order a 50″ X 20″ frame and a 5″ X 7″ in the same order, the latter’s wing tray will have some extraneous cardboard attached to it, and the box itself will be cut around the largest frame. This guarantees little to no movement of the frames while in shipping, instead of adding an unnecessary amount of bubble wrap.

How do the frames stay snug in the wing trays, though? That’s by using the straps! We secure them around the frames tightly, and they’re easily removable by finding the point where each end is joined, and then splitting that apart.

The Outer Box

The box that your frames will be shipped in is custom made as well! Your frames will fit snug in the box, so, like we mentioned, there will be no movement during the shipping process.

Where necessary, we also put tape around the edges of the box, as well as across the seams. It’s clearly labeled “Fragile,” too — to let the carriers know that they need to handle your frame with as much care as possible!

Boxing Everything Up

Your frame is no good if it doesn’t get to you in one piece. With our packaging, it has the best possible chance of doing so. The chances of damage during shipping are very low because of it.

So, to break everything back down, the wing trays hold your frame securely, and the straps hold your frame snugly in the tray. The outer shipping box, which is taped with clearly labeled adhesive, holds everything together — making sure your frame won’t crash around when it’s being shipped.

And, of course, all our packaging — including the plastic strapping — is recyclable!

If you have any further questions about this, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to answer!