«  Once again I walked on Scotland’s hills and glens, the magic of my ancestors myths pulls me like no other land. Now being back in the country of my birth nothing left than to pen, still feeling the sand of a white beach in my hand. When I took the Highland bus to Inverness and then to Portree, the Isle of Skye touched every corner of my Celtic heart. For I spotted a breathtaking landscape in front of me, my soul was ripped into pieces because I didn’t want to depart. 

So I greet you from across the mighty deep ocean. How I miss the seagulls cry high above the bay. Magical Isle of Skye, at the end of your rainbow must be a wonderland. I just have to come back and discover more of my fatherland. In the moment, I only can paint pictures of my memories of the sunset and the dark blue sea. Today, I cannot imagine another isle where I would prefer to be. »


















































Photography & Art direction : Marin Troude 
Model : Antoine Tony Stone @antoinetonystone
Written by Sonja Nic Rafferty
Agency / shooting production : Les Others Studio

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