Shadow, Panarea 2016

Early evening breeze, Formentera, 2016

Panarea 2016

Most important moment of the day, the arrival of ferry to Napoli, Panarea 2016

Swimming at the Solarium Lidalina, Pecorini a Mare 2016

Punta dello Stimpagnato, Filicudi, 2016

Isola Alicudi, Filicudi 2016

Arthur smoking in the shadow, Hydra 2016

On our way to chiringuito Cala Saona, Formentera 2015

Swimming lovers Bisti Beach, Hydra 2016

Last sun on the driveway - Formentera 2016

A donkey ride to Moni Agias Triadas, Hydra, 2016

Pietro's window on Miaouli Road, Hydra 2016

Bamboo's black dress, Formentera, 2016

Aloë Vera, Formentera 2016

Donkeys at the harbour, Hydra 2016

Bamboo in the bathroom, Formentera 2015

Wild garden, Formentera 2014

Bamboo's favorite swimsuit, Hydra, 2016

Cemetary, Panarea, 2016

Cooling down at the platforms of Avlaki, Hydra 2016

Looking for sunscreen, Panarea, 2016

Car trunk sale, Castellammare del Gulfo, 2016

La Plage des Salins, St Tropez 2015

Bamboo in bathroom, Formentera 2015

Tonnara di Scopello, Scopello 2016

Gini's house, Visicari, 2016

Outdoor shower with views over the Cap de Barbaria, Formentera 2014

Hydronetta's rocky plateaus, Hydra, 2016

Sun lover reading at 9am, Hydra 2016

Islands in the Agean Sea, Hydra, 2016

Sunbathers on the white rocks, Scala del Turchi 2016

The beautiful French neighbor in her Mehari, Formentera 2015

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